Product Launch Madness And Bonuses That Make Sense

Back in early 2006, Jeff Walker launched a course called
Product Launch Formula. Product Launch Formula taught
a very detailed, step-by-step approach to launching any
product via the internet.Jeff even provided case studies that showed how to use
his Product Launch Formula to treat a major affiliate
promotion campaign like a product launch.Product Launch Formula taught a proven method of launching
a product, and in the process, convinced several THOUSAND
aspiring entrepreneurs that the time was finally right for
them to launch their product.The only problem was that many of them decided to release
products all at the same time. Another problem was that
many of the product launches were in the “Internet marketing
niche” where many people launching products were seeking
joint venture with the SAME pool of super affiliates.This triggered an interesting phenomena where super
affiliates were shown a plethora of absolutely incredible
products… many of which the same “100 super affiliate” all
chose to promote at the same time.This triggered wave after wave of many of the super affiliates
promoting the same product packages during well orchestrated
launches. As soon as one of these well-orchestrated launches
was over with, the next one kicked off.The thing is, there really were a lot of great product
being released. There were more great products being offered
to the same core group of customers than they could possibly
purchase AND digest… because it was coming at them so fast.As the competition really heated up, and the market began
to tune all of the emails, something interesting happened.Since many of these products really did solve a painful
problem in the marketplace, and since many people were on
multiple lists, and got pitched on the same product by dozens
of marketers… all on the same day, the distinguishing factors
soon became the bonuses that the affiliates were offering.When any product launch has so many super affiliates promoting
the same product launch to the same customers, the product
becomes such a “commodity” that the bonuses become what
determines which marketer get the sale.Soon, we had the “product launch bonus wars.” Each launch soon
became a contest to see who could get the most creative, and
who could offer the most enticing bonus.. the bonus with the
highest perceived value.It was at this point that many super affiliates began to do
their customers a big DISSERVICE. They began offering product
launch bonuses that made no sense. They began offering product
launch bonuses that distracted the customers too much, and kept
the customer from even having time to use the primary product.Some offered such huge bundles of “fluff” that their customers
would read a mile long page describing their bonuses, be
convinced that something in that long list was something that
they needed, and grab the package just for that bonus. Often,
those customers soon discovered that they’d never use the
bonuses, and then they were STUCK with a bunch of useless
clutter!The criteria that conscientious affiliate marketers should use
is to offer bonuses that help a customer to get the most use
out of a product. The bonus shouldn’t distract them so much
that they never even find the time to take the primary product
out of its shrink wrap.In my opinion, selling someone something and then overwhelming
them with bonuses that keep them from using the primary
product is totally WRONG!I believe this so much that when I noticed Jeff Walker
preparing for a launch of version 2 of his Product Launch
Formula, after confirming that it really is one of the most
useful products that many of my clients needed, I had to ask
myself, “If I recommend this to my clients, how do I help them
to actually USE the product?”I think that is a very logical approach to deciding what bonuses
to offer with any product.Don’t you?For example, I acknowledged that anyone getting Jeff Walker’s
Product Launch Formula 2.0 would likely be planning on doing
a product launch. If they are marketing online, they likely need
help in planning that launch, getting joint venture partners,
and publicizing their launch.So, my “ideal” bonus for Product Launch Formula 2.0 evolved to:1) A “solo” email, promoting only their product, sent to a list
of 120,000 subscribers.2) A live 2-day seminar where they are taught many of the things
that they need to know to both launch their product and to
continue building and running a successful online business.3) At least 2 hours one one-on-one consulting.So, that’s what I bundled as my bonus for Jeff Walker’s Product
Launch Formula 2.0. My thinking was also that the live seminar
would put… as many as… several hundred ideal JV partners in
the same room.My challenge issued to all affiliates promoting product launches
is to offer bonuses that actually help the customer use the
primary product and benefit from that purchase. My challenge
issued to potential customers contemplating buying ANY big
ticket item in particular is to look for bonuses that actually
help you to use the product.Buying a product just for a bunch of bonuses that you’ll never
use is generally illogical. Buying a product that comes with a
bunch of product launch bonuses that distract and detract from
the primary product is counter-productive. Offering your
customers bonuses during product launches that are inconsistent
with getting the most use out of that product is
unconscionable.So there you have my opinion on “product launch madness and
bonuses that make sense.” If you’re serious about your business
growth, I encourage you to give what I’ve just shared with you
some deep though.Soul searching and intuition are good things :-)

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