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Methods for Video Editing

Video recording and editing used to be a field for professionals only some years back. You could only find a few people with video cameras and even fewer who could edit those videos. But times have changed, and having a camcorder or a video recorder is almost as important as having a house to live in. In fact, a phone without a video recorder is no phone at all. Even young kids know how to record videos. But very few people have an idea about video editing. By the end of this, you will be a professional in video editing.The very first process in video editing is transferring the videos to a laptop or a PC. Now, you can edit your videos in your phone or some camcorders, but trust me, you won’t do it to precision, so I would rather you get a software that can edit videos, then you can start your video editing. I would prefer Pinnacle Studio 16 and Corel Video Studio Pro for heavy duty editing.Next you have to get all the videos that are related and make sure they are in one folder. After doing that, drag the videos in the order they were taken into the software’s deck. Start by clipping off the spaces in between different segments of the video. Make sure the video flow is continuous and there are no gaps on between the clips. This is called trimming.In between the clips, you can add transitions to make the clip more interesting and catchy. Transitions range from one video editing software to another but one thing is for sure; you will find transitions that are predefined in each of the video editing softwares. You can fade in a clip after another one is finished, but make sure the flow is smooth at all times. Transitions make a video more captivating so I would rather you use the best transitions.Now videos can be pretty plain some times. If you want to really soup up your video to a professional level, you need a couple of changes in color schemes. Some of the clips need may need to have sepia color schemes, black and white, and many more. A tab on the video editing software is used to change this. Sometimes it is under a drop-down list or on its own, with a label like, “color scheme” or a related term.Now another important aspect of videos is the audio part. However much your video looks awesome, the audio might discredit it if it is not up to the standard. In fact, most professional video experts prefer to get their sound separately using a different microphone that is connected to a mixer and the sound balanced and compressed, then they come and add it to the video they have recorded. But you don’t get many opportunities to do that so we have to improvise. Any good video editor can edit audio too, but not to the studio standards. Some basic audio editing features include panning the sound, volume control, pitch control, and many more. Now, if you are getting your audio separately, ensure it is in line with the video and cases like the video displaying someone speaking then the sound follows some few seconds after do not happen. Ensure that you normalize the sound so that there are no sound outbursts at some points of your video.There is a lot of amazing stuff you can do with your videos. You can even delete an object from a video clip or hide something in the video. Playing around with the video can really take you places. By object I mean even a person. You can fix a character that was not in the video before. The limits go beyond the sky-line. You can animate inanimate objects using some of the video editing softwares and make things come into life.After video editing, you can now export the video and render it in a suitable format, for instance Moving Pictures Expert Group, Flash Video, Apple Quick Time Movie, HD, and many more formats depending on your preferences.The world of video editing is constantly changing, and you have to be in touch with it. You need to spend your time learning new ideas and concepts, and upgrading the ones you have. But as of now, you are good to go. Welcome into the world of video editing!! Now keep in mind that you don’t have to have these professional video editing softwares to be able to do some good job. Even the light duty one you have can take you places.